A podcast celebrating community member stories about their digital projects!

Ryan Dowling ’24 unpacks the evolving design and purpose of his first website that showcases his art, music and scholarship preparing him for a career in UX Design.

Sten Leinasaar ’22 relates his DIY journey on the web as a WordPress web developer.

Alex Carney ’22 (Physics) reflects on the deveopment of his datahub project: the Skidmore Extragalactic Catalog. Skidmore’s first data streaming API, he and Ben Harwood (LEDS) co-presented at Reclaim Open ’23 in Fredericksburg, VA

Embarking on their first digital project ever, A.M. Davis ’22 and Olivia Rosenblum ’22 demo and share highlights from their Classics senior capstone,Res Gestae Galore, an interactive Latin and Greek language instructional website.

Annabelle Oates ’21 (Art History) provides an account of her Honor’s Project, Denim Through Prisms.